OSTERIA VENICE WEST is a casual Italian restaurant that reflects Michelin Star Chef Luigi Fineo’s native Italian roots. Located in a landmark building in the heart of Venice Beach, the restaurant features an open kitchen designed to be a social gathering place, where guests can enjoy rustic Italian cuisine & regional wines. Respecting Apulian traditions, all pastas are made in-house, fresh, and daily using semolina flour. Their pizza dough is also made in-house using natural levain starter. Just steps away from the beach, Osteria Venice West is a favorite amongst locals and tourists.

LUIGI al TEATRO is an upscale Italian seafood restaurant. Located in a

100-year-old historic Santa Monica building, the menu features

contemporary seafood dishes reminiscent of southern Italy’s coastal cuisine.

Its doors were finally opened to the public in the beginning of 2018.

LUIGI FINEO Chef / Partner

A native of Puglia, a southern region of Italy, Luigi Fineo’s cuisine transcends guests on a culinary journey through Italy’s majestic mediterranean terrain. As the youngest of five growing up in a small white-washed cobblestone town of Gioia Del Colle, Luigi was schooled in selecting the finest seasonal ingredients while accompanying his mother to the local markets. As such, at an early age Luigi learned first hand that the kitchen is central to the hearts and minds of all Italian families..

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